Ever wondered why you seem not to get any traction for your communication efforts?

Maybe you can learn from Quercus Beechworth’s experience. Quercus is the local neighbourhood house.

Manager, Jude Doughty said the four part-time staff have noticed improved results and efficiency since they started being more strategic in their use of all online tools.

“In August 2017 we had a communication strategy developed for us and it really set out a path for us. The improvement has been in being more planned and focused on the aims of our strategy in deciding if, how and when we will produce each social media post,” Jude said.

The Quercus team now prepares posts and images in advance and uses social media scheduling tools when appropriate.

“This means we can set-up a batch of posts at one time, and not have to stop other work we are doing to take 10 minutes every other day to create a post. It’s saving us time.

“We are also using the data from the social media platforms more and from Google Analytics about traffic to our website from social media. We don’t use a lot of it, but it has certainly changed how we operate.

“The benefits of having developed the communication strategy are that we better understand the value of these tools and use them more strategically – we are more targeted, we do more storytelling and have realised how many stories a community house like ours has to share.

Jude said the new approach to social media use has changed the team’s habits.

“They are the same tools we always used: Facebook, Instagram and Mailchimp, but now we use them differently and it’s paying off.”

In the last year, Quercus Beechworth’s Facebook followers have increased by more than 30%.

You can read more about what Fishbowl PR did to develop the communication strategy for Quercus by going to the Quercus Beechworth listing on Our Work page.