Get the Brief Right for Video

29 May 2019

When you decide you need a video for your next project or milestone, how do you engage a videographer and what information will they need from you?

We asked three videographers whose work we love, to give our clients some guidance on putting together a brief for a video.

All agree you need to be clear on two things: the purpose of the video and your audience’s preferences.

Ric Williamson from Hand Cut Productions said one of the most important things to remember is that the purpose of the video is to reach an audience.

“Too many business owners and videographers produce content they like, not necessarily what the audience likes. Music, graphics, filming style and editing should all be aimed at the target audience. Getting the target audience to see and absorb the video is the only thing that matters. Bottom line,” Mr Williamson said.

Jerun Terlaak from Scout Studio says it’s helpful to work with the client on a script or shot list.

“This process uncovers a lot of detail that might not be considered early on. A client rarely digs into the detail before they phone me, but then appreciates it when we have taken the time to discuss the content and how we visualise it before the shoot. It always benefits the end result.” Jerun said.

Hannah Nicholls from Rooftop Media uses this question to help clients clarify their expectations.

“I ask: How do you want people to feel about you, after watching the video?

“This helps us decide on all the elements. For example, will it need a voice over, or will the client be the talent and talk in an interview style? A soundtrack is also important and video producers will source these,” Hannah said.

Here are some questions you should consider as part of developing your brief:

  • What message do you want your audience to get from the video?
  • How are you going to share your video? TV, Facebook, Youtube, website. There are different video standards for TV compared to Facebook.
  • What device will the video be viewed on? Smartphone, desktop computer or television?
  • How are you going to get your audience to see the video? Organically, targeted ads, user groups etc

Like what you have read? Head over to Hannah, Jerun and Ric’s websites and check out their work. Want help with clarifying your messages for video? Give us a call.

Here’s one in a series of eight videos Fishbowl PR and Scout Studio collaborated on earlier this year, for the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership.

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