Communication Strategy

Our clients tell us the process of researching and developing a communication strategy adds considerable value to their organisations.

It structures their thinking, meaning their direction is based on robust consideration of issues, opportunities and threats. They say they are better organised and their communications activities are more efficient and effective and therefore more sophisticated in their intent and delivery. With set targets, the activities and outcomes are measurable.

If you’d like to be more confident about connecting with your communities in person, on social media or more traditional methods, we’re here to help.

What is a communication strategy and why is it important?

A communication strategy is an individually-tailored guide for how an organisation will use communication to achieve its business vision and objectives.

Often developing a communication strategy involves stakeholder consultation or community engagement.

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"If only every client could provide this!

I am currently working on a video project for a client who had previously commissioned a communications strategy from Fishbowl PR.

This document is so incredibly useful.

It’s very substantial, with historical context, current market information, data from community consultation and a clear plan regarding the purpose of current and future communications. I know therefore, exactly where in the sequence my project sits, as well as clear direction as to the content and theme."

Paul Smith
Supergoat Media

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Birgit started helping manage the festival’s social media presence just as COVID-19 hit. Her work is planned, concise, outcomes focussed and working with her has been smooth. Birgit has delivered for us, provided support, advice and value-adds and is open to feedback. We appreciated her flexibility in working with us through this uncertain time. She has been understanding and patient."

    • Leanne Mulcahy, General Manager
      Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues

  • "Birgit takes all the stress out of public relations strategy and execution. She has a great understanding of community and government, so is able to quickly and professionally develop and implement accessible and effective communications. Birgit is flexible and easy to work with and goes above and beyond for the client."

    • Kaylene Conrick, Chief Executive Officer
      Mansfield Shire Council

  • "The communication strategy has played a significant role in bringing Yack Health back to the community.

    We hadn’t comprehensively planned any of our communications, marketing or community engagement before and we didn’t know how to do it. There was a sense the community didn’t understand what we were trying to do and now they are not only talking about it but getting involved.” Annette Nuck, CEO, Yackandandah Health."

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    • Annette Nuck, Former CEO
      Yackandandah Health

  • Birgit has superbly honed skills in understanding and advising on communications strategy.
    She is super smart, collaborative, strategic and pragmatic. Her grounded approach is all about getting the best out of the available resources. Love her style, approach and the results that come with it.

    • Matt Pfahlert
      CEO & Co-founder Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship
      ACRE Launch & Movie Screening (2016)

  • "I am very impressed with Birgit's proactive approach and focus on keeping in touch with me, particularly as she works remotely. Birgit has a broad range of skills and is highly organised.
    The benefit for me is stress-free, high quality and timely support. I highly recommend Fishbowl PR to other member or industry organisations. "

    • Olwyn Redshaw
      Former Program & Policy Manager
      Rural Councils Victoria (2015)

  • We have seen quantifiable results from the work Birgit did for us.
    Over a short time, the actions she recommended contributed to a 48% increase in visitors to our website and turned critical communication satisfaction results into positive scores with some key stakeholders. This contributed to stronger relationships with these organisations.

    • Celia Adams
      CEO, Rural Housing Network
      Development of Communication Strategy (2014)

  • “Birgit’s attention to the planning for our announcement, when we were knee deep in contracts, was an incredible support. While media around the country covered the story, the real value was how she considered and prepared us for the local and regional community interest because that’s the heart of this project. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

    • Matt Pfahlert
      Old Beechworth Gaol
      Community Purchase - Spokesman for the Investor Group (2016)

  • "Birgit was able to work with our staff and community members to help us come up with a great plan for getting people more involved in our health service. The Communication Plan has provided us with a better understanding of our stakeholders and some really great ideas for communicating our message."

    • Felicity Fox
      Resource Officer
      Community Advisory Committee, AWH (2012)