3 Top Tips for Your Next Media Release

31 May 2016

At Fishbowl PR we are often called on to prepare media releases. The first question we ask is ‘What’s the objective of the media release?’

Whatever the details of the answer, the intrinsic answer is for the release to be noticed.

Therefore, these top three tips are focused on your media release getting noticed.

1. Remember what’s happening in the news room

News rooms are busy places. It’s not unusual for even small newspapers and radio stations to receive large numbers of media releases every day. Daily media receive literally hundreds of emails and they have to filter through them for truly newsworthy stories. Therefore, yours has to stand out to be noticed.

2. Get straight to the point

Yes, journalists like details but they do not want to read through pages of information to determine if yours is a story they will cover. The key is to put the most important part of your story at the very start. That includes making this sound as interesting as possible to get the journalist’s attention in the first place.

3. Make sure it’s news

Journalists have a keen eye for a person or business seeking free publicity with no news value. Remember, if you give the journalist something they want; a valuable news idea/story, they are more likely to give you something of value to your organisation.

With often only one chance to offer your story to the media, you may benefit from professional help in preparing the media release.

Fishbowl PR has years of experience writing media releases and attracting coverage for the stories presented. Give us a call to discuss your media needs.