Resources You Can Use to Give Others Voice

12 July 2023

Are you or your team wondering how you can facilitate conversations about the upcoming referendum in your organisation or community? Below you will find some resources to help you do so.

The referendum is about recognising First Nations peoples in the constitution to give them a Voice. I believe this is a significant moment in our country’s history and future. The more awareness there is about it, the more it will be discussed.

While the date is not set, the vote is expected to take place sometime in October. Facilitating conversations with your staff or community in the meantime is a way of inviting others to be involved; allowing them to ask their questions and join in the discussion.

Engaging people who are interested in or affected by decisions organisations make is a core philosophy of my work. Therefore, I’ve been very interested in the process that First Nations peoples used to consult their community.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is the outcome of their community engagement program which reached thousands around the country in recent years. It’s also an invitation to Australians everywhere, to walk together for a better future.

Now your organisation has time and the opportunity to bring others into the conversation.

How to facilitate the conversation

The Victorian Women’s Trust, as part of its Together Yes campaign, has prepared resources you can download from its website to guide discussions you may be planning.
The kit includes two conversation plans that cover:

  • Why recognition matters
  • The long struggle for recognition
  • Information on referendums
  • The Uluru Statement from the Heart
  • Enshrining the Voice in the constitution
  • How the Voice will make a difference.

The plans are designed for people to go on a learning journey, to raise and discuss the key principles and issues.

These resources are free. You sign-up as a host on the Together Yes website where you can access the two session plans.

I hope the kit and other resources on the site are useful in helping you create opportunities for discussion.