Staff say Employer Most Trusted Source of Information

9 February 2021

After a year of uncertainty in many areas of our lives, it may come as a surprise that as an employer, you are now the most trusted source of information for your staff. That’s significant, as it puts you ahead of national government, traditional media and social media.

Do you know if this is the case for your staff?

This is just one of the findings of this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer; the trust and credibility survey now in its 21st year.

The survey also found the biggest opportunity to earn trust is by guarding information quality.

How do you plan, deliver and evaluate your communications to staff and other members of your team, to ensure you are meeting their needs and preferences, while delivering quality information?

Internal communications play several roles:

1. keeping staff informed (this was highlighted by the sudden and frequent changes to rules under COVID-19),

2. building and sustaining your organisation’s culture,

3. providing opportunities for your staff to tell stories about what’s happening in their team and

4. collecting feedback and input for continuous improvement.

Are you clear on the purpose of your internal communications tools? Are you happy with the results?

If you would like some help with this important process, give us a call to discuss your organisation’s internal communications planning, strategy, implementation or evaluation.